This page holds links to old practicals, that are kept alive purely for archive reasons.

Year 2013/2014: Perl programming basics (A. Telatin, G. Birolo)

Year 2012/2013: Metagenomics, from sampling to data (E. CorteggianiĀ Carpinelli, A. Telatin)

Year 2011/2012: A primer on Perl programming (A. Telatin, E. CorteggianiĀ Carpinelli)

Year 2010/2011: Metagenomics (S. Campanaro and coworkers)

Year 2009/2010: Preparing a full length library (E. Corteggiani Carpinelli, A. Telatin)

Year 2008/2009: A RACE to the 5′ end (A. Telatin)

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