Computer Labs (2012)

General hints

Our practicals are held in “Aula Informatica di Biologia” (formerly Taliercio) in Via Paolotti. See the Calendar.

  • Take your seat and log in with your own account.
  • Try to read carefully all the instructions. Skim the whole post before starting, take some time (1h, 1h 30m…) to work alone before asking for help. This is a good practice as Google will help you for the rest of your life ­čÖé
  • Save files as requested with the correct┬áfilename and within the correct┬ádirectory. Instructors will look for them.
  • Always try to understand the meaning of what we do.
Common problems:
  • Perl is CaSe sensitive
  • Double check that you are calling the right file. If you have a script called ‘’ in your home directory type:
    • perl ~/
  1. Laboratory 1: Program (
    Auto-completion, advanced shell usage, extra exercises on @ARGV)

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