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Lab02/0: First quiz

This post is a part of theĀ second laboratory session. Please refer to the main post.

First quiz for the practical: check how much did you learn about the terminal and its commands

The following command:

mkdir My Directory

In your home you have two directories: lab1 and lab2. You are currently working on lab1 and want to list files present in the lab2 directory. Choose the right command(s):


The following command:

grep > genome.fasta

The command head will print the first 10 lines of a file. To print the first 100:


To count how many sequences you have in “genome.fasta”, you can:


If you want to see how many files (or directories) you have in your home folder:


Question 1 of 6

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Lab02/1: A small recap and more on pipes and stuff

This post is part of the second laboratory session!

We are going to start with a refresh of Bash command, and possibly learning some new one.

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First practical

Welcome to the first practical. During this practical you’ll learn how to master the command line and Linux as well.
Please, keep in mind that all the tools we are presenting day by day are necessary to fulfil the final assignment, so try to think about all the steps rather than rushing to the end.

Feel free to ask us, in case of troubles…

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