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Lab change: important

Tomorrow we have the second  laboratory.

We will meet in aula B / Piano Rialzato at 14.30 and after a small demonstration we’ll reach together the Computer Room.

Please spread the message!

Welcome to the Genomics practicals blog (and wiki)

Dear students,

welcome to this blog. This is the reference website for the practical course of Genomics, that – as you already know – focuses on genome finishing, both from the bioinformatics side and the wet lab side.

This blog will contain lessons and protocols, but also open questions and polls. A course calendar is online.

Please, register to this blog and start commenting on posts to answer question and – of course – feel free to ask some!

We’ll publish polls from time to time (the first is here, left column!)… We’d love to hear your voice (clicks..)!

Stay tuned,

Andrea & Elisa

PS: Beside this blog we also opened a Wiki, and we’ll tell you how to use it… Consider that the wiki is your open space, and populating it is.. up to you 🙂