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Homework: from genes to proteins (hw5)

Homework: (hw5)

This time we are going to put together things we already know to do something a bit more complicated. We are going to write a program that translates a DNA sequence to RNA and then to the protein it encodes. This is a real example of what you can do, not bad uh?

This is also the hardest homework of this gap, and to be honest after this one you will have just one final “review” homework.

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Homework: hashes

Hashes (hw4)

Remember hashes? They are like arrays, a collection of boxes. The main difference is that each box has a name instead of a number. Today’s homework is about hashes!
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Homeworks: Arrays and foreach

Arrays and the foreach loop hw2

In this homework we are going to do some simple changes to a perl program, like we did during the last lab session. If you have Linux on your laptop you can download the program and change it with a text editor like we did in the lab. Note that your Linux may be a little different, so you may need to looks for the Terminal and the Text Editor, but they are there somewhere. If you do not have Linux yet, you can use codepad. This task is coded “hw2“. Continue reading


Installing Linux

Is your penguin ready?

Jump into the penguin!

For the next few perl homeworks you can use However you will need Linux (or a Mac) in order to make perl programs that can read files. Continue reading

Lab03: Some pearls (so don’t be a swine!)


We are going to try and modify some of the perl programs we saw during the lesson. Brace yourself! Note that the slides have been published. Continue reading

Lab02/1: A small recap and more on pipes and stuff

This post is part of the second laboratory session!

We are going to start with a refresh of Bash command, and possibly learning some new one.

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