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Homework: from genes to proteins (hw5)

Homework: (hw5)

This time we are going to put together things we already know to do something a bit more complicated. We are going to write a program that translates a DNA sequence to RNA and then to the protein it encodes. This is a real example of what you can do, not bad uh?

This is also the hardest homework of this gap, and to be honest after this one you will have just one final “review” homework.

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LAB05: Some real programming!

Lab05: Some real programming!

In the exercises until now we worked with input values that were written in the beginning of the programs. This is not how real programs work. Since we now know how to read files and pass parameters, we can start writing useful programs, that work in the same way as the shell commands we saw: taking their input from files.

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Lab04: welcome back, we missed you

This is the landing page for the fourth laboratory, here at the Paolotti. We missed you!

Remember to keep this page updated regularly, as we are going to put some updates in here.

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