Last soupper

Dear students,
we are approaching the end of this perlfect course… so we’d like to remind you about the two last practicals:

  • 7th june – 2.30 pm, aula di bioinformatica via Paolotti
  • 8th june – 2.30 pm, aula CIV, Vallisneri

Note that these dates are the correct ones, while we noted that the official Molecular Biology timetable seems to be wrong.

Attendance to these classes is not compulsory. People that decide to join us are requested to stay until the end of the practicals and to attend both.


Andrea and Elisa

PS: The test will cover some Perl basics, the general laboratory strategy (assembly, scaffolding, gap filling) and what you did in the wet lab. Don’t be afraid about Perl: the more you know the better it is but we don’t expect you to write a whole program from scratch. Reviewing past posts about our “pick primer” program is highly recommended though.


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