Calculate your oligonucleotide resuspension volume

As promised during today’s lecture, here you have your homework:

please calculate the amount  of water to be added to each of the primers in the list, in order to produce a working solution of 10 µM. You can produce a concentrated stock solution and then dilute the stock solution to a working solution of 10 µM, if it is needed.

Oligonucleotide datasheet containing all the information as provided by the supplier

Did you managed to find the right volume for each stock solution?

The Hamilton pipetter needs you to provide a coordinate and a volume separated by a tab for each of the primer. The information concerning each of the primers must be separated by a new line character, as shown in the example below

example of coordinate's file that you should pass to the Robot, to guide it (him?) doing the pipetting for you

Now try to translate the work that you performed to get this result into a list of actions (the algoritm).

For the most willing students, this is the moment for translating your algoritm into a Perl program and testing it at volume calculation for this short primer’s list.

Very soon you will find the solution on this blog. Stay tuned

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2 thoughts on “Calculate your oligonucleotide resuspension volume

  1. Tea says:

    Ciao! Avrei una domanda: con Perl
    è possibile aprire un file con qualsiasi estensione?

  2. proch says:

    Tutto è possibile.. MA noi abbiamo imparato a lavorare SOLO con file di testo (text-only o simple-text, right?).

    Questo significa che se vogliamo leggere una tabella Excel la salveremo in formato testuale (ad esempio CSV che vuol dire “comma separated values”) e poi lo potremo aprire col nostro editor di testo o con uno script Perl!

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