Welcome to the Genomics practicals blog (and wiki)

Dear students,

welcome to this blog. This is the reference website for the practical course of Genomics, that – as you already know – focuses on genome finishing, both from the bioinformatics side and the wet lab side.

This blog will contain lessons and protocols, but also open questions and polls. A course calendar is online.

Please, register to this blog and start commenting on posts to answer question and – of course – feel free to ask some!

We’ll publish polls from time to time (the first is here, left column!)… We’d love to hear your voice (clicks..)!

Stay tuned,

Andrea & Elisa

PS: Beside this blog we also opened a Wiki, and we’ll tell you how to use it… Consider that the wiki is your open space, and populating it is.. up to you 🙂

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