A small game: guess what this script does

Below you’ll find a script.
Guess what’s the purpouse of the program… and if you like it give him a try.
Write me your guess at . I’ll post both the solution and a test on the ouput produced on Mar 25th.

print STDERR "
  [Write instructions here]
($inputsequence, $coverage, $readlength) = @ARGV;
if ($readlength==0) {
	die " FATAL ERROR:\n You have to specify three parameters.\n";
open(I, "$inputsequence") || die " FATAL ERROR:\n Unable to load sequence from $inputsequence.\n";
while (<I>) {
	if ($_=~/>/) {
	} else {
if ($countheaders>1) {
	print STDERR "Warning: you gave me a multifasta with $countheaders sequences.\n I merged them :)\n";
$genomesize = length($sequence);
$readsnumber = int($genomesize*$coverage/$readlength);
print STDERR "
Genome size    $genomesize
Reads number   $readsnumber
for ($i=1; $i<=$readsnumber; $i++) {
	$position = int(rand($genomesize-$readlength));
	$readsequence = substr($sequence, $position, $readlength);
	print ">Sequence$i-pos:$position\n$readsequence\n";

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